Includes a full photo shoot 

                                                            (Prints & products available at additional price.) 

                                                                        Custom design of your wall art

                                                         A gorgeous 16 X 24"  Canvas Wrap ready to hang



        Over the years, as a portrait photographer, I have loved advising customers on how to preserve precious memories through beautiful portraiture.  I want them to go beyond stuffing a CD or prints into a drawer rarely to be viewed again.  Fine art photography in an investment that many people must save up for. I think it should be displayed in the home to bring ever-lasting joy. I know when my children were little, I only did one professional studio session and I remember saving money from each of my pay checks to achieve it.  I still have the 16 X 20" framed and matted portrait hanging in my home.  Every time I pass it, that portrait makes me very happy and captures my children at ages two and four...forever!  To me, an investment in portraiture is priceless.  

I think it's SOOO important to professionally photograph babies and toddlers at least once.  But I wanted to create something beyond a smiling-at-the-camera-with-a-boring-background photograph.  Thus, my Custom Child Wall Art Composites were born!

I am thrilled to work with parents to create a unique theme and color combo idea that fits their child's interests and personality plus matches their room....and their child just happens to be in it!   One little boy's bedroom was decorated with turtles, so I created this:


The composite becomes highly personal and the child's name can be incorporated.  There are endless ideas using your own child as the star!  Many people decorate the child's room around this special artwork.  The art piece can later be displayed in a hallway to bring heart-melting smiles FOREVER!  A cherished family heirloom to be passed down generation after generation.                                                                


I also have a special series called Flower Babies


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